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Health Information

Please see below for our Medication Policy and School Illness Practices.

Medication Policy

  • Students requiring medications at school must have a doctor’s order provided to the school.  

  • School staff are unable to administer any medications without a doctor’s order.  

  • Medications must be unopened or in the original container with the pharmacy label. 

  • Students are not permitted to carry medications with them at school. This includes cough drops and over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Benadryl, etc. (exceptions for rescue medications with doctor’s orders and discussion with the school nurse). 

  • Please refer to district policies JLCD and JLCD-R for requirements for the administration of medication in the school setting.

School Illness Practices

If your student is ill, please remember these guidelines for return to school: 

  • They must be fever free with no medications (Tylenol or Ibuprofen) for 24 hours 

  • It must be 24 hours from the last time they vomited or had diarrhea 

  • If they are diagnosed with strep throat, they must have been on antibiotics for a full 24 hours 

  • Their symptoms should have improved to a point that they feel well enough to focus and participate for the entire school day without another dose of medication 

If you have any questions about whether your student is well enough to return, View the Colorado Department of Public Health’s  "HOW SICK IS TOO SICK?" or "¿QUE TAN ENFERMO ES DESMASIADO ENFERMO?", or reach out to the nurse, Janine Kappelmann, at